Workshop Intercultural Communication Skills

To work in research and sciences means working with people from different cultures who may have different styles of communication and a different set of values. Effective communication and understanding are crucial in achieving solid results in research cooperation.
After this workshop, participants will have an awareness of cultural differences and know the basics of intercultural communication.

15:30 onwards | Online | Max. 15 People

Stephanie Hann

Stephanie Hann gained a degree in German Studies, Sports Science and German as a Foreign Language before training as a specialist in Media Didactics and gaining her doctorate from Justus Liebig University in Gie├čen.
She began her career as a teacher of German as a Foreign Language and project manager in the software sector before spending a number of years teaching at universities in Mexico and the USA and training as a coach in the USA.
Stephanie has now been a trainer, coach and university lecturer for over 25 years. In addition to specialising in time and self-management as well as intercultural communication skills for managers and academics, she also delivers seminars and coaching in the fields of academic writing, the identification and development of personal strengths and talents, change processes and career planning. Stephanie lives in Munich.