Science Communication to the Public

Today, more than ever, researchers play a fundamental role in communicating science to the public, alongside professional communicators, policy makers and journalists. To successfully reach broader audiences, it is important to focus on clear and comprehensible core messages. Transparency is key in gaining the public's trust. During this introduction to science communication workshop, you will learn the foundation of good communication, find out how to get involved and which paths are available to early career scientists. Franziska will share her own journey as a science communicator and how you can follow in her footsteps. Participants will learn more about Berlin and Germany-based projects they can take part in and leave the workshop with a better understanding of why science communication is so important.

15:30 onwards | Online | Max. 15 People

Franziska Sattler, M.Sc.

Franziska is a Vertebrate Paleontologist and Biology Master alumna of Freie Universität Berlin. As long as she can remember, Franziska had a passion for science communication, teaching, and International Relations in Higher Education. She has been a year-long volunteer and educator at Pint of Science and Soapbox Science in Germany and has now also taken on the role of communicator at Science Borealis Canada. Franzi studies dinosaur dentition and until recently worked on Tyrannosaurus rex tooth replacement at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, where she now works as a science communicator with her own education format “Science Communication Café (Kaffeeklatsch mit Wissenschaft)”. If you don’t find her tweeting about topics she cares about, she’s most likely busy planning her next travel adventure, taking photographs or reading a book somewhere in a coffee shop.